This is the official blog of fiction novelist and biographer Hemanth Gorur, author of paranormal thriller ‘Aymaran Shadow’ (a #12 bestseller on Amazon in 2013) and corporate biography ‘Doing the right thing: THE CRISIL STORY’ (a #9 bestseller on W.H. Smith in 2013).

Hemanth has also written short stories published in international anthologies and biographies commissioned for private circulation. For a full listing of his work, please visit his official website.The author can also be contacted at: hemanthg1975@gmail.com.

This blog attempts to share teasers and sneak previews of upcoming novels, give glimpses of what happens “behind the scenes” while writing a book, publish book reviews, and share writing tips for newbie writers.


All material shared by the author (Hemanth Gorur) on this blog and affiliated websites, social networking platforms or other media is proprietary and entirely confidential, and cannot be re-used or redistributed in its original or altered form without the express permission of the author other than for the express purpose for which this blog has been created.

All views and comments by other bloggers on this blog are their own and this blog, its author (Hemanth Gorur) or his executors are not responsible for the same.

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