Front cover - resized 5x8 - with Cathy review

Aymaran Shadow

Sanya Rawat, a psychology student, finds her mundane life savagely disrupted when two strangers – an unpredictable old English woman and a beastly man from Bolivia – contact her on a social networking site. One among them is a macabre killer from Sanya’s past life, driven by an eternal and insatiable thirst for her blood.

Strange out-of-body experiences and hallucinations start to haunt Sanya, revealing clues to her past identity, even as she stumbles through a series of unusual incidents that follow an eerie pattern. To make sense of it all, Sanya must learn a terrifying truth about her past life that threatens her very existence now.

It becomes a nerve-wracking fight for survival in the end as she is hunted and accosted by the two would-be assailants. To survive, she must choose sides – an arduous decision fraught with peril. Only gut instinct and the sheer will to live guide her as she confronts the gory face of death from her previous life once again.


With 4-stars on Amazon and 4.2-stars on Goodreads, the book was a #12 Bestseller on Amazon’s Top 100 Free titles in 2013, and the #1 Bestseller in the Horror and Psychological Fiction genres.


The Indian Paperback Edition, retailing at INR 250, is available at most leading retailers, including Amazon India, Flipkart, Infibeam, Pothi.com, and select bookstores. As a Special Offer, it is available at 20% OFF the MRP upon direct purchase from Author’s Website.

The Kindle Edition is available at $2.99 while the International Paperback Edition retails at $11.95, with exciting weekend discount offers coming your way. If bought at the CreateSpace e-store, there are usually Discount Codes available on the paperback edition at 10-20% OFF the MRP – please write to the author at hemanthg1975@gmail.com to get your discount code.

The book is also available on Amazon’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL) for borrowing by Amazon Prime Members. It is accessible on Goodreads as well.

Watch the book trailers here: Trailer 1 and Trailer 2. Visit the Official Facebook Page for a slice of the action. Hop over to the Author’s Website to view his other books and titles.

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