Book Review – by Tony Parsons

Aymaran Shadow

An ethnic concept. Several twists/turns, suspense filled, lots of mystery. No grammar errors, or out of story line sequence, easy to read/follow, Unique characters. Maybe movie material . . .

. . . The book did not wow me but I enjoyed reading it, it pulled together at the end. I changed my mind & rated it at 5 stars.

Tony R Parsons

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Book Review – by Warrior Princess

Unique and tense

. . . The book is tense throughout, both in the parts that show Sanya’s face-to-face interactions and her online conversations with Ramona and Ambrois — the mysterious strangers that were the impetus to the development of the whole story. The characters are well-drawn and realistic, and the author’s prose has a unique and mesmerizing feel to it. Very interesting!

“Warrior Princess”

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Book Review – by Kwadzana

Spine tingling paranormal thriller

Aymaran Shadow is a unique story told by a unique author. Author Hemanth Gorur is one of those rare authors who seems to just emanate chilling suspense. He manages to create and maintain a feeling of fear and suspense from the very first sentence to the book’s exciting conclusion. The storyline combined with Gorur’s writing style frequently sent chills up my spine while reading.

Gorur writes in a colorful style without ever getting lost in the visualization. To me that is one of the writing qualities that makes a great author; that plus character development. The main character Sanya is everything you would desire in a leading character. She is beautiful, intelligent, brave, but her courage is tested by mysterious and otherworldly characters . . .


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Book Review – by Michelle Hofacker

The best past-life thriller I have read

Aymaran Shadow is hands down the best past-life thriller I have ever read. It is an intensely suspenseful book being the first in a long time that has had me not knowing who the real ‘bad’ guy was. Despite minor translational language/text issues (which did not interfere with the story flow and were easily forgivable) the plot was easy to follow and to get deeply invested in. When I was not reading, I found myself constantly wondering what would be revealed next and anxious to get back to the book. The characters and supporting details are artfully crafted with vividly in-depth, three dimensional precision . . .

Michelle Hofacker

Avid reader

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Book Review – by Sarah Miles

A book that left me guessing

. . . I am so glad I stumbled across Gorur’s work. I’m an avid reader and am always looking for new authors to try out. When I read the description of this fairly short story, I was immediately drawn in. The idea of having someone from a past life out to get you is pretty original and a very nice change of pace from the topics usually seen in paranormal stories . . .

. . . We meet Sanya, a psychology student in India that is beginning to have strange things happen to her. Being of an analytical mind, she tries to make sense of events ranging from curious to downright bizarre. It isn’t an easy set of situations to link together. What’s great about this is that, at least for me, I felt very connected to the confusion she had as I read the story. This isn’t a book that makes it easy to predict what will happen or what the characters’ motives are. I didn’t have a clue until right near the end . . .

Sarah Miles

Avid reader and reviewer

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Book Review – by Tara Woods

Suspenseful Paranormal Thriller

. . . This story started out strong and it held my attention until the very end. The suspense was phenomenal. Sanya Rawat was a very believable character, living an ordinary life, while experiencing extraordinary events. This was definitely a page turner . . .

. . . The only drawback I have is the ending. I don’t want to give any spoilers . . .

Tara Woods

Avid reader

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Book Review – by Wendy Jones

Tense Supernatural Thriller

. . . The tension and terror in this book is almost palpable. The author uses words well to ramp up the tension. I felt that I could picture evil itself. At every stage I found myself reading and wondering what would happen next. I did not expect the ending, especially the final twist. I found myself rooting for Sanya and hoping she would win over the evil surrounding her. I would highly recommend this book. Even if this is not the type of book you usually read then give it a go. You could be pleasantly surprised . . .

Wendy Jones

Kindle Book Reviewer

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