Indie Block Party Blog Hop

So, you’ve been to blog hops where you tweet and like and comment. Have you been to one where you could also pick authors’ brains? Welcome to the Indie Block Party (IBP) Blog Hop which is happening right now during 19th-30th August,


35 international indie authors. 12 days of action.

Hop to all indie authors’ blogs (including this blog) and see what makes each author tick, what makes them unique, watch them poke each other and know facts about them that make you go “Really?”.

Also, participate in the giveaway contest at Aymaran Shadow to win fabulous prizes and giveaways.


When you enter the Aymaran Shadow giveaway, and ‘Like’ the book’s Facebook page; follow or comment on this blog; follow the author Hemanth Gorur on Twitter; or tweet about this giveaway; you stand to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card. A whopping 10 points for book reviews!!

And, that’s not all. Every participant of the Aymaran Shadow giveaway is gifted with a FREE ebook copy of Aymaran Shadow, so that you can join Sanya Rawat as she mounts a tense psychological war against two macabre stalkers from her past life!


You can enter the Aymaran Shadow giveaway by visiting the Rafflecopter giveaway OR by clicking on the Giveaway tab on the book’s Facebook page.

So, hurry! The giveaway ends on August 30th, 2013. Remember, you can increase your chances of winning that $20 Gift Card by completing multiple activities, or by repeating an activity (eg: tweeting every day).

FREE ebook copies of Aymaran Shadow will be sent to all participants on the day the giveaway contest ends (unless requested earlier). Winners of the Aymaran Shadow giveaway will be announced 10 days after the contest ends in order to allow for participants to read the book and post their reviews. Recipients of free ebook copies of Aymaran Shadow through previous giveaways or review requests are eligible only for the Gift Card, but can post reviews of the book if they already have not done so and will be considered a valid entry.


Click on the Indie Block Party Blog Hop icon below to return to the blog hop’s main page and visit other indie authors’ blogs.

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