Why Samba 2014 Is A Paranormal Horrorfest…

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So the mega event of the year – the quadrennial FIFA World Cup ’14 – gets under way tonight. And might well be cruising towards the tape by the time you read this.

It promises to be football mayhem for over a month starting 12th June. Lots of blood and gore on the cards as nippy forwards slice through defences, medios take down rival strategies, and burly halfbacks hack down spell wizards and ballet dancers masquerading as strikers.

Take third-ranked but perennial favorites Brazil, for instance. The current squad is certainly weighed down by the legacy left behind by their players of yesteryears, but it’s certainly not overawed by the occasion, much less by the competition. Spearheaded by a wily magician called Neymar, the likes of Fred, Oscar, Jo, Hulk, Marcelo, Dani, Luiz, Dante, Maicon and Thiago Siva are wont to strike dread into any opposition. Easy meat (the opposition, that is).

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Top 10 Creepiest Paranormal Legends … #7

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A man who refused to die by hanging. A woman buried alive giving her husband nightmares. A haunted prison with eerie paranormal activity. The legends are getting deeper. And spookier.

Also live is a not-so-spooky snap poll at the end of this post to dictate terms to me! Now, here comes #7.

The Bell Witch

John Bell was a North Carolina farmer who arrived at Adams, Tennessee, in 1804 and settled there along with his family. In the initial years, the family lived an untroubled and Spartan life. A few years later, however, things changed dramatically for the Bells.

The family started noticing strange things happening in their house. They began to hear peculiar scratching noises on the walls. This was followed by strange noises – of people being pinched and slapped, of objects being dropped – and animals getting skittish without any apparent reason.

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Ambush at Not-so-O.K. Corral

I’ve been off the grid these past few weeks. And with good reason. No, scratch that. With good number of scratches and gashes. I was still in action. Only, off the grid.

You know those days when life ambushes you. Yeah. Like when you’ve chosen a quiet, off-the-track, backwater location for your summer getaway and find a thousand other people had a same idea. And intend to leave after you do.

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Aymaran Shadow: Now On A $0.99 Offer

It’s a race against time in more ways than one. Two macabre stalkers with sordid pasts race across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic to claim their prey – an unsuspecting girl in India.

Aymaran Shadow. A tale of lust, horror and reprisal. And, a #12 Bestseller in 2013 with sixteen 5-stars. The Kindle Edition is now available for US customers at a Countdown Deal price of just $0.99, down from its regular price of $2.99. This offer closes 20th Mar 2014. So, hurry if you want to beat the clock!

That’s not all. The International Paperback Edition is currently available at all leading retailers in the US, UK and Europe, including Amazon which is offering a 12% Customer Discount at the time of this post for customers in all geographies.

As part of a LIMITED PERIOD PROMOTIONAL OFFER, the Paperback Edition is also available at 15% OFF its MRP if bought at the CreateSpace e-store. Use Discount Code NECF2Q8V. Offer closes 20th Mar 2014.

Purchasers of the Paperback Edition are eligible to buy the Kindle Edition at the $0.99 price even after the Countdown Deal ends. It is also available for borrowing on Amazon’s KOLL, identifiable with an Amazon Prime badge as you search and browse for books on your Kindle device or on Amazon.com.

For more information about the book, please visit the THE BOOK section on this blog or the official Facebook page. For more information about the author, visit the official website or Twitter profile of Hemanth Gorur.

Book Review – by Warrior Princess

Unique and tense

. . . The book is tense throughout, both in the parts that show Sanya’s face-to-face interactions and her online conversations with Ramona and Ambrois — the mysterious strangers that were the impetus to the development of the whole story. The characters are well-drawn and realistic, and the author’s prose has a unique and mesmerizing feel to it. Very interesting!

“Warrior Princess”

Reader and reviewer

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Top 10 Creepiest Paranormal Legends … #8

Read the previous post in the Behind The Scenes series: Top 10 Creepiest Paranormal Legends . . . #9

#10 of the Paranormal Legends countdown was about a man who refused to die by hanging. #9 was about a woman buried alive giving her husband nightmares. Could #8 get any worse?

Before we move on to the next legend, a spiffy reminder about the snap poll at the end of this post – if you want to get heard on this blog, dive right into the poll! On to #8.

Legends of Alcatraz

One of the most haunted prisons, and indeed one of the most haunted places on the earth, is the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary on Alcatraz Island.

Located in the San Francisco bay, it has been described by the Los Angeles Times as “most notorious federal penitentiary this country has ever known. Its history runs far and deep, as do the stories, the rumors, and the legends.” It has been characterized by none other than Mark Twain as “being as cold as winter, even in the summer months” after he visited it.

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Book Review – by Kwadzana

Spine tingling paranormal thriller

Aymaran Shadow is a unique story told by a unique author. Author Hemanth Gorur is one of those rare authors who seems to just emanate chilling suspense. He manages to create and maintain a feeling of fear and suspense from the very first sentence to the book’s exciting conclusion. The storyline combined with Gorur’s writing style frequently sent chills up my spine while reading.

Gorur writes in a colorful style without ever getting lost in the visualization. To me that is one of the writing qualities that makes a great author; that plus character development. The main character Sanya is everything you would desire in a leading character. She is beautiful, intelligent, brave, but her courage is tested by mysterious and otherworldly characters . . .


Reader and reviewer

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