Top 10 Creepiest Paranormal Legends … #6

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A man who refused to die by hanging. A woman buried alive giving her husband nightmares. A haunted prison with eerie paranormal activity. A family stalked by a vindictive specter. Grab the nearest table for support – you’ll need it when you read the next one.

The Frozen Living

Movies and tales abound in which people frozen to death are brought to the morgue only to resurrect themselves and walk away alive. The scientific impossibility of such occurrences relegate such tales to ludicrous spin-doctoring at worst and mild, if gory, entertainment at best.

What happened to Jean Hillard, a teenager from North Dakota in the US, in 1980 is enough to revive belief in unseen forces and the unseen hand of God, if not lend a whole new connotation to the phrase “frozen stiff”.

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