Social Media in the Modern Narrative

This is a guest blog by Alex Hurst, author of The Bell Tower. Over to Alex.

A strange notification on your feed. A stranger trying to add you on Facebook. Being ‘followed’ by a macabre avatar on Twitter.

In our lives, these small events happen daily, and they are usually brushed off or even encouraged by a massive online community that does little to protect privacy or the locations of its members.

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Book Review – by Alex Hurst

History Bleeds Forward

. . . The characters are deeply embellished, making them feel real; very well thought out. The author’s effortless use of multiple languages makes the world feel real and the reader can gain a sense of actually being in many different locations around the world. The settings were masterfully described. I loved almost all of the dialog and the use of social media and texts to drive the suspense of the plot along.

One of the hardest tests a book goes through when I am a reader is during the climax and conclusion. I am usually mildly to severely disappointed by the way books end, but for Aymaran Shadow, I have no complaints, at all. It was an impactful, gripping conclusion to a story that never lost a moment of suspense. I was left with a feeling like the story really had ended, but the satisfaction of the ending lingered pleasantly. An excellent read!

Alex Hurst

Author of “The Bell Tower”

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