Why The Blurb Is An Author’s Wormhole

2215722962_169fd088c8_mImagine a wormhole in all its beguiling, seductive allure. Two twisting ends in interstellar space joined by a funnel. Two entirely different universes connected by a seemingly implausible conduit of empty space. Two sets of space-time coordinates separated by an esoteric bridge.

You have here a freaky concept that debunks all logical premises and promises to transport you magically to a world that is otherwise beyond reach and imagination. You are allowed access to a universe that had hitherto existed only in your imagination. Or one that you couldn’t imagine.

It is every author’s dream to suck the reader into his story and transport her to the universe of bewilderment and intrigue the minute the reader lays her hand on his book. Newbie authors often admit to a twinge of wistfulness when a browsing reader picks up his baby, gives it the once-over and promptly moves on to the book next to it.

Enter the author’s wormhole – the back cover blurb.

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5 Killer Openings To Hook The Reader

14719579639_c596f9bc4d_mDo you dive into a swimming pool straight away without dipping your foot in first? Do you buy a perfume without doing a skin-test first? If not, then why do you expect a reader to fall for your novel without skimming through the opening first?

There are three ‘hooks’ that can grip the reader as she browses through the millions of titles available for purchase on a given day – the book cover, the blurb at the back of the book, and the first three chapters (or the opening). Well, make that four if you want to include reviews on the cover, but many authors, especially newbies, do not have the luxury of having marquee reviews to crow about.

While the other hooks can be the subject of separate posts by themselves, the opening or the first three chapters are really your first, and perhaps your only, chance to grab the reader and throw her headlong into your story.

Anybody who’s somebody that matters to your book’s publication and its success – agents, publishers, reviewers, readers – is going to invariably sniff at the opening first. Smells good? They dive right in. Stinks? They throw your book back where it belongs – in the pile along with the others.

So, here are some quick and simple ways that newbie writers can use to create that irresistible hook.

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Book Review – by Tony Parsons

Aymaran Shadow

An ethnic concept. Several twists/turns, suspense filled, lots of mystery. No grammar errors, or out of story line sequence, easy to read/follow, Unique characters. Maybe movie material . . .

. . . The book did not wow me but I enjoyed reading it, it pulled together at the end. I changed my mind & rated it at 5 stars.

Tony R Parsons

Top Amazon Reviewer

Read the full review here: on Amazon.

Book Review – by Warrior Princess

Unique and tense

. . . The book is tense throughout, both in the parts that show Sanya’s face-to-face interactions and her online conversations with Ramona and Ambrois — the mysterious strangers that were the impetus to the development of the whole story. The characters are well-drawn and realistic, and the author’s prose has a unique and mesmerizing feel to it. Very interesting!

“Warrior Princess”

Reader and reviewer

Read the full review here: on Goodreads, on Amazon.

Book Review – by Kwadzana

Spine tingling paranormal thriller

Aymaran Shadow is a unique story told by a unique author. Author Hemanth Gorur is one of those rare authors who seems to just emanate chilling suspense. He manages to create and maintain a feeling of fear and suspense from the very first sentence to the book’s exciting conclusion. The storyline combined with Gorur’s writing style frequently sent chills up my spine while reading.

Gorur writes in a colorful style without ever getting lost in the visualization. To me that is one of the writing qualities that makes a great author; that plus character development. The main character Sanya is everything you would desire in a leading character. She is beautiful, intelligent, brave, but her courage is tested by mysterious and otherworldly characters . . .


Reader and reviewer

Read the full review here: on Amazon.

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Aymaran Shadow: Last 5 days at $0.99!!

Aymaran Shadow, a paranormal thriller and recently a #12 bestseller on Amazon in the Top 100 Free category of bestselling e-books, is going under the hammer! It will be available at the launch price of $0.99 only up to 9th Nov 2013 (IST).

So, grab your copy today while it is still at the lower $0.99 price and find out how a bored psychology student goes from ‘hunted’ to ‘hunter’ in 5 days, taking on an irrepressible evil from her past life.

Here is the book on Amazon, which has 10 5-stars! For more information about the book, please visit the THE BOOK section on this blog or the official Facebook page. For more information about the author, visit the official website of Hemanth Gorur.