Tell Me When Blog Hop

Hate stalkers? Here’s a fun way to let the world know! Participate in the Aymaran Shadow giveaway which is part of the Tell Me When Blog Hop by author Stina Lindenblatt that runs 13th-17th January.

Aymaran Shadow, a past-life thriller, was a #12 Bestseller on Amazon in 2013. It is the story of a woman who is hunted across the centuries and violated by the soul of a mercenary. It is the battle between one girl’s will and death’s lust.

As part of the Aymaran Shadow giveaway, answer 3 simple riddle questions and review the book (Kindle Edition now available for just $0.99 for US customers as part of a limited period offer), and you stand to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Wait, there’s more! Every participant of the Aymaran Shadow giveaway gets a Discount Code for 15% OFF on the Paperback Edition of Aymaran Shadow, so that you can join Sanya Rawat as she mounts a tense psychological war against two macabre stalkers from her past life!

You can enter the Aymaran Shadow giveaway by visiting the Aymaran Shadow Rafflecopter giveaway OR by clicking on the Giveaway tab on the book’s Facebook page.

Click on author Stina Lindenblatt’s blog to visit other participating authors’ blogs.

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